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This article highlights Ha Tran, a friend of mine, who is from Vietnam located in

Southeast Asia.


Oil painting called “Streetscene in Summer” by Vietnamese artist Lam Manh


Women wearing traditional clothing, commonly made from silk, called Áo dàis which consists of a top piece with slits on two sides and long baggy pants.


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Vietnam is a country located in Southeast Asia that has existed for at least 4,000 years. This has allowed their culture to become very rich and diverse in music, literature, the arts and their all around traditions, many of which are influenced by the Chinese. Such traditions would include the clothing for women called Áo dàis, as seen pictured above and on Ha Tran on the next page. They are usually worn on special occasions and vary in style and color. However, many public schools require them as their uniform but in plain white as the more conservative and better suited attire for school.

Vietnam is a distinct, unique union with its own developed history, and we're really proud of it.

-Ha Tran

ARTS & CULTUREha tran_edit.png

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As previously stated, Vietnam is very diverse in the arts and tradition. Theatrical shows are a very popular form of art in this culture such as Rối nước or Vietnamese water puppetry. This involves puppeteers performing in waist length water behind a screen while controlling wooden puppets to create an illusion that the puppets are gliding over the water. Common fine art forms would include ceramics, lacquerware and the traditional folk Đông Hồ paintings. These paintings are made from raw materials such as burnt leaves, powders and carved wood and require great skill.



Picture 1: Rối nước or Vietnamese water puppetry which originated as a form of entertainment during floods in the 11th century; Picture 2: Đông Hồ painting  of Lady Trieu, a national heroine who stopped Chinese invaders in the 3rd century; Picture 3: Elaborate lacquerware coconut shells




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